Brownifer Bites: March 2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Grilled Rock Fish with Pasta Salad

My stepdaughter wanted Brownie to make her some of his 'pretty food' since we usually only make those things when the kiddos don't need tending.  So tonight, both of us girls got spoiled with his cooking!  My parents gave us some rock fish from one of their fishing trips and ... we put it to good use as usual! :-)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Smoked Duck Breast

Smoked Duck Breast with a Raspberry Port Reduction, Duck Skin Chicharrones and Black Truffle

Brownie has a friend who loves hunting ... someday I will encourage him enough to join these expeditions and fill our freezer!  But I do enjoy the random gifts he brings home from 'beer with the guys' nights!  This week, it was a duck hunting expedition that filled this friend's freezer and they had tried everything and hadn't come up with anything delicious to do with the meat.  So he challenged Brownie to do something!

I personally think he succeeded and now I would like him to become an avid duck hunter :-)  He smoked the duck breast on the BBQ with alder wood and created this beautiful plate for me tonight!

Love, love, love!!!!!!  Yes, this is what everyone should do with duck meat!