Brownifer Bites: Trout Cakes and Mashed Potatoes

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Trout Cakes and Mashed Potatoes

The kiddos love to cook with us!  Well, sometimes.  Today was a college football day and a few of them just weren't in the mood to sit and watch the games.  Now, I know they can make mashed potatoes, so that was easy.  But what else to use?  All I could think of was some trout that we had caught and cooked that was waiting to be eaten in the refrigerator.

So we de-boned the meat and made trout cakes!  The kids love to impress their dad and I with pretty plating when they make food - so this was their final product!  Of course, potatoes and trout aren't a usual pairing but ... the kids were so proud and ... both were delicious so ... win/win!

Happy Footballing, college fans!

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