Brownifer Bites: Cafe Blue Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Monday, February 29, 2016

Cafe Blue Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

My adorable stepfather is Jamaican.  My parents visit the island as often as they can and check on family members and neighbors and make sure that some of the less fortunate have clothes and food.  They're such amazing people.  They also stock up on some of their cooking staples that cost an arm and a leg here!

This trip, she brought me some Cafe Blue Coffee!  After seeing the price online, I about died!  She got a very good deal on it for what she paid but WOW!  For coffee!?  It's now my special occasion coffee :-)

I've served this with desserts and gave some to my mom to try in her one-cup brewer.  She had to call me, she couldn't believe the flavor!

For future dinner parties ... I'm brewing this amazingness and trust me, you will wow anyone if you put this in front of them!  Worth the price?  We'll see how long it lasts and I'll get back to you on that!

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