Brownifer Bites: Saprona Sushi

Friday, March 11, 2016

Saprona Sushi

We happened to be in West Linn, Oregon this evening and found ourselves hungry.  I did a quick search for nearby sushi restaurants (one of our favorites) and found Saprona Sushi.

We found it tucked away in a sweet little strip mall with other shops and restaurants and dropped in.  Keep in mind, we were just stopping for a quick bite and weren't expecting much.

This little restaurant is very laid back and casual and the prices are more than reasonable. They surprised us with the size of their sushi rolls!  They were huge!  We only ordered two rolls, we were in a hurry to get home, but what we tried was delicious.  Could I compare it to Aomatsu or Bamboo Sushi?  Maybe not, and maybe they're not trying to be either of those types of restaurants.  But we would definitely go back and if this was my neighborhood sushi bar .... I would be a happy girl!

Try it out and arrive hungry! :-)

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