Brownifer Bites: Fried Chicken

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Fried Chicken

So last night, we watched The Help; excellent movie.  One of my favorites.  I love the humor, I love the honesty, I love Minny's fried chicken!!!!!  Watching her turn those chicken thighs in hot grease, ever-so-slowly and hearing the grease respond with crackles and spurts .... my mouth waters every time.  My problem:  I can't fry anything to save my life.

Wait ... but Brownie can!!!! :-)

So today, we stopped and got some chicken and he made us fried chicken and potatoes!  I loved his chicken!  Fried chicken is usually way too salty and I can't even eat the skin, I pick it off.  But I cleaned these bones clean, skin and all!

Brownie and I rarely have disagreements about food.  Different tastes and opinions, yes, but disagreements?  Not really.  Except when it comes to gravy.  I like my gravy brown and I detest using flour in gravy.  My hippie mom used Arrowroot powder to thicken her gravy after adding broth and herbs and spices to the water.  It's a thinner gravy, but the flavor still takes me back to my own childhood.  Brownie grew up with good old fashioned white gravy made with flour and pepper.  He was very proud to share his childhood gravy with me and .... poor guy .... I don't like it.  I ate it, it isn't horrible.  But it certainly doesn't make me roll my eyes into the back of my head.  Maybe we need to make it our mission to combine the two somehow and meet in the middle.  Gravy challenge!

But for now .... our craving is satisfied and next time we want to watch The Help, we're making this ahead of time!

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