Brownifer Bites: Burger and Fries

Friday, May 20, 2016

Burger and Fries

I was craving burgers ... it happens sometimes. :-)  With three kids in the house for the weekend, we decided to grill some burgers.  Now, when we grill burgers I have to tell you that we use 100% grass-fed beef from the happiest cows you'll ever find.  We buy big orders of ground beef from Bauer Natural Beef right here in Oregon.  They're amazing people and their beef is OUT OF THIS WORLD!  Once you try it, you'll never buy any other beef again.

I do have to say that burgers in this house are always topped with Tillamook Cheddar Cheese, it's an Oregon tradition.  We just don't buy any other cheddar if we have a choice.  Yes, the hippie supports a big corporation :-)

This particular weekend, we were blessed with home-canned pickles from one of my dear friends and ... they were an amazing addition to my burger!  Everything homemade and home-canned is just SO MUCH BETTER!!!  I am determined to try canning pickles this year!  She's inspired me.

Yes, you do in fact see french fries on that plate.  I have to say, my hippie heart hurt when I saw a bag of fries come into my kitchen.  But...three kids.  Brownie found organic french fries - can you believe it!?  I turned a blind eye and enjoyed my burger ;-)  This kids were shocked and amazed that a bag of fries came home and devoured them happily with their organic ketchup.  :-)

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