Brownifer Bites: Stuffed Shells and Bruschetta

Monday, May 23, 2016

Stuffed Shells and Bruschetta

I'm definitely the resident STUFFER in this house :-)  I stuff pastas, veggies ... if anything needs stuffed, I get the job!  So I used some of our canned tomatoes tonight and made a delicious sauce with basil from the garden, got some ricotta and mozzarella and ....there's just nothing like these!  Yes, I cook too.  I feel I need to remind the world of this sometimes :-)  Italian is usually left up to me, I'm good at it! :-)  Sauces are also my speciality in our kitchen.

To go with my shells, I made some bruschetta and Brownie toasted the bread because ... I'm just not a fan of the broiler.  I tend to forget about things when they're out-of-sight and that's just ... not good.  I also don't bake my bruschetta like he does.  I tend to see bruschetta as the Italian version of chips and salsa so ... that's how I like to eat it!  With plenty of onion and fresh garlic!  *SLURP!*

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