Brownifer Bites: June 2016

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Fresh Herbs!!!

These were the herbs when they were freshly trimmed from the garden, laid out to dry and labeled.  I just finished processing them this weekend and getting them put up and .... it's time to harvest again!  :-)  Delicious ingredients for amazing creations to come!!!!!!

I realize that dried herbs are dried herbs but after processing these over the weekend, we were marveling at the fragrant clouds lingering in our kitchen.  These beauties are SO much more fragrant and flavorful than the herbs we buy even in organic bulk!  Just amazing!

If you don't have a garden and no room for an herb garden, I suggest combing your local Farmer's Market for fresh herbs in bundles and drying them at home.  It is SO worth it to have these available when cooking!  Our oregano went crazy this year - our Italian food will be beyond amazing this winter!

We're so excited!!!


Saturday, June 25, 2016

BBQ Plates

Brownie's first love is Barbeque.  He just couldn't help himself this weekend, he had to use that smoker!  I should have known when he came home with a grocery bag from Market of Choice that I was in for it.  Sending him to MOC is like sending me to a shoe store!  It's a playground and his imagination goes wild!

So yes, we had BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken sausages, BBQ shrimp, grilled veggies and a yummy salad from their deli.  We ate huge plates of food (I couldn't finish - too much meat!) and spoke in southern accents describing the food.  Hey, we said we were foodies, we didn't say we weren't odd! :-)

Monday, June 13, 2016

Lumpia - First Try

I was born in Hawai'i and when we moved to the mainland, my aunt moved to the islands and years later, married a local boy.  So I've visited my birthplace often over the years and in the summers during high school, often I would stay for weeks at a time.  My Filipino grandma used to make lumpia in huge batches, and even freeze them and send them home with me so I could fry them up for an after school snack.  Dear Nana (nah-nah) passed away two years ago and the memories of her sweet self trying to feed us 24/7 has been on my mind.

Since Brownie and I love to cook and try new things, I thought ... why am I sad and nostalgic as if I'll never have lumpia again!?  So I stopped by the Asian food store and bought some wrappers.  I looked up some recipes online for filling and went to work.

These wrappers will take some practice, but ... overall I did pretty well!!  Nana would be proud :-)  I'm terrible at frying things, so Brownie took over once they were assembled.  I served them with simple crushed garlic and black pepper in vinegar just like Nana used to do.  The were delicious!  They definitely didn't have the love that Nana used to put into her own lumpia, but ... for a first try, I thoroughly impressed myself!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Leftovers Suck

Brownie made a full-on chuck roast Friday night so he could use the sliced meat for his amazing sandwiches.  There's all of this roast and veggies leftover!  Yeah.  Leftovers are just so disgusting.  !!!!!!   SO good!!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Chuck Roast Hoagie

Sliced chuck roast, straight from the oven with caramelized leeks and sautéed spinach on a hoagie bun.  I should have known something was up when I came home on a Friday night and smelled a roast cooking in the oven!  :-)  The man had a plan and it was delicious!  Our kids had already eaten, but the boys had to try their dad's new invention and....they loved it!  I even saw one of them pull a huge blob of spinach out and it fell on his chin ... he scooped it up and ATE IT!  Kids WILL eat spinach and leeks!  

Well, they'll eat it if Brownie makes it.... hahahaha  
Or, if they're like my daughter who isn't a huge fan of meat OR sandwiches ... they won't eat it at all.  
But hey, eating this sandwich made it worth the try!

Baby Tomatoes!

Our tomato plants have baby tomatoes!  And so it begins ..... our imaginations are already running wild with how to use them, what to can, what to make ..... the possibilities are endless!!!!!