Brownifer Bites: Chuck Roast Hoagie

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Chuck Roast Hoagie

Sliced chuck roast, straight from the oven with caramelized leeks and sautéed spinach on a hoagie bun.  I should have known something was up when I came home on a Friday night and smelled a roast cooking in the oven!  :-)  The man had a plan and it was delicious!  Our kids had already eaten, but the boys had to try their dad's new invention and....they loved it!  I even saw one of them pull a huge blob of spinach out and it fell on his chin ... he scooped it up and ATE IT!  Kids WILL eat spinach and leeks!  

Well, they'll eat it if Brownie makes it.... hahahaha  
Or, if they're like my daughter who isn't a huge fan of meat OR sandwiches ... they won't eat it at all.  
But hey, eating this sandwich made it worth the try!

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