Brownifer Bites: Homemade Bread

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Homemade Bread

Building posts for our new blog!  Starting with:  Jen's Bread.

A lot of our recipes will include 'homemade bread' so we thought we would talk about our bread first.  We use two different recipes, depending on which ingredients we have on hand.  Ultimately, it doesn't matter which recipe you use,  Homemade bread is just always better!  Google recipes, use your family recipe, alter them, make them your own.  You get to choose the ingredients and you know what your family is eating!

My recipes make 2 loaves of bread.  We have five children - bread goes fast!  On weeks when we don't have the kids and there is no way we'll eat two loaves, I make them anyway.  If need be, I will slice one loaf and freeze it in a ziploc bag.  This makes tossing slices into the toaster easy and ...the bread doesn't go bad.

Good point, by the way.  Home made bread won't last as long as store-bought bread.  So make and store accordingly.

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