Brownifer Bites: Doterra Dinner Party!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Doterra Dinner Party!

This was by far the MOST fun idea for a dinner party!  We invited friends we knew were excited about Doterra Essential Oils and everyone brought one thing that they had made using (safe to ingest) essential oils!  It was a fabulous night!  Brownie made the main course, Lamb Chops and Grilled Pearl Onions Over Mashed Parsnips, drizzled with a Rosemary Essential Oil/Pomegranate reduction:

Do I have to tell you it was to die for? was!  Our friends brought salads and salad dressings they'd made with essential oils, We had torn bread bites dipped in olive oil infused with basil essential oil and raw garlic....the night was amazing.  While everyone cooked and prepared, we had wine and snacks in the living room:

After dinner, we went back into the living room and laughed like kids while we played Cards Against Humanity and drank more wine!  Then the desserts began - we had several!  My White Chocolate Chunck Lavender Cookies, some amazing lemon cakes with frosting infused with lemon essential oil and of course, Brownie's Strawberry S'mores dipped in chocolate infused with basil essential oil, then crushed graham crackers and finally, marshmallow fluff and charred with a torch.  You know you're going to try this soon!  :-)  They were delicious!

We had a blast throwing our first dinner party and we found out that we loved having a theme!  It brought everyone together with their creativity and we got to share food and amazing conversation, priceless was perfection!  

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