Brownifer Bites: Octopus Hot Dogs

Friday, August 12, 2016

Octopus Hot Dogs

It's a kiddos weekend! We cater to their culinary requests as well, as organically as we can :-)

This is one of their simple favorites and I thought we'd share it here. No recipe per say, you know how to make mac and cheese! But I'll explain the hot dogs.
About an inch from one end, insert the tip of your knife and cut in half all the way down, turn and cut again, giving you four equal 'legs'. Then cut each of the four legs in half as shown, giving you 8 legs. Use the tip of your knife to gouge two eyes in the head of the hot dog. Once all hot dogs are cut and ready, drop into boiling water and watch the legs curl up. When cooked, serve on top of mac and cheese and watch the kiddos giggle!

Enjoy!!! And because this crunchy mama can't stand to feed kids nothing but hot dogs and pasta...a plate of fruit! It IS summer, after all!

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