Brownifer Bites: Cheesy Stuffed Burgers - Albany, OR (Review)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cheesy Stuffed Burgers - Albany, OR (Review)

We've been hearing so much about these burgers - we had to try them!

We don't do fast food unless it's the occasional run through the Burgerville Drive-thru.  We try really hard to stick to healthy, local foods.  So when we saw that Cheesy Stuffed uses grass-fed beef, we hopped in the car and drove into town.

Food trucks have their own niche in the restaurant market and most of us can agree that some of the best munchies come off of food trucks! This was a bit different as we were served in our vehicle; I liked the convenience of just waiting in my warm car!  The staff was very polite and I easily paid with my debit card on their tablet - they made it all very simple and convenient.

We ordered two burgers, an order of fries and I was curious about the lumpia, as we've made these and I used to eat lumpia as a kid in Hawai'i at my Filipino Grandma's house.  So the picture to the left was our neat little bag of goodies that we took home with us :-)

When we got home, we unwrapped our burgers and set out our sides to start trying everything.

The burgers were, in fact, stuffed with cheese.  I wouldn't say impressively so.  As we ate, we compared the burgers to what one would receive at a fast food restaurant and pondered what we thought a grass-fed burger from a food truck would be like. Brownie was a little disappointed with the portion size.  He was definitely expecting a larger burger.  If we went back, he would order two.

We also discussed price.  For $6 - $8 we couldn't really justify buying two burgers at a time.  I reminded him that grass-fed beef is much more expensive than your average ground beef.

In general, we liked the burgers, but I do have to say that just like other fast food burger drive-thrus, ultimately our opinion was that we could make a better burger at home.  Definitely have.

The fries were good, but the lumpia was either a bit overdone or cooked in oil that could have used changing.  I liked the sauce they served with the lumpia though.  We did wait until 15 minutes before closing to pop in, so not sure it's fair to judge at that time of night.  We will try them again earlier in the day sometime and try more of the menu.

Overall, we wouldn't say these burgers are bad by any means, but maybe they just didn't live up to the hype for us.  If you're not incredibly hungry, this is definitely a healthier choice than any of the chains here in town and I hope they become more popular for this reason.  The more people ditching Burger King for small, local and grass-fed - the happier I am!

As for presentation - how do you judge a food truck on how pretty their food is after being wrapped in foil and stuffed in a bag?  It is what it is out of necessity.  We definitely won't bash any food truck for that.

On the Brownifer scale - we give Cheesy Stuffed Burgers 3 1/2 stars.  (out of 5)  Stay tuned, however, this blog can and will be updated upon a second, third, fourth visit :-)  Maybe we'll bring the kids and let them weigh in on the experience!

Any chance to support local food, we support!  Take our comments for what they're worth and try it yourself!


  1. I had to check them out after reading your review. It was fantastic, thanks for convincing me to try them!

    1. I'm so glad! The flavor was really good, we definitely plan on going back!