Brownifer Bites: Homemade Yumm! Bowls

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Homemade Yumm! Bowls

Our blog is full of beautiful food that Brownie comes up with, but I'm going to start sharing some of the things that happen in between those gorgeous dishes!  Unfortunately, we don't eat like that every day :-)

If you've never been to Cafe Yumm!  You should definitely go!  So delicious.  Where we live, there isn't one close enough to run to and the one that is - well I'm not a fan of fighting college campus parking to get to it.

Which brings me to one of our favorite go-to dinners (and lunches if we make a big enough batch): putting together our own Yumm! bowls at home.  It's fast and easy and they're so flavorful! And yes, healthy!  Here are our basic ingredients:

-Cooked Brown Rice
-Chopped Kale
-Black Beans
-Fresh grated Parmesan (or whatever cheese floats your boat - just please don't buy bagged cheese ...     just please!)
-Canned Jalepenos (optional)
-Fresh chopped onion
-Fresh chopped tomato
-Yumm! Sauce
-Sour Cream

You can add anything, really.  We add avocado when we have it; you could literally add anything to this and it would be delicious!  Check out Cafe Yumm's website for ideas!

The process?  Not much of one, but here ya go:

1.)  Cook Brown Rice (Hey, I'm not a fan of brown rice either - start with white rice and work your way there.  I promise that all the flavor in these bowls won't have you wishing you'd chosen white rice!  In fact, this is the ONLY thing we use brown rice for!  It's a start.)

2.)  Put rice, kale, beans, onion and grated cheese into your bowl and microwave for 1 minute

3.)  Top bowl with your own amounts of everything else you want to use here - you can omit the sour cream and cheese if you want to stay vegan, of course.  We just love the added creaminess :-)

4.)  Stir everything together into a big mushy bowl and eat - the flavors will just blow you away!  In our opinion - the stirring and mixing is the key to enjoying these bowls properly :-)


**Where do I buy Yumm! Sauce?  We find it at our local Co-op and at Market of Choice grocery stores.  Cafe Yumm's website has links to where you can buy it near you and they take phone orders directly as well, I believe.  Also, at any Cafe Yumm! restaurant, you can purchase it.  I'm thinkin' we need to make a trip for an original Yumm! bowl and grab the big bottle! hahaha  These small jars just don't feed our craving.  It's literally good on, in and with anything! Veggie dip, chip dip, sandwich spread .... I'd Yumm! sauce the world if I could! :-)

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