Brownifer Bites: Nearly Normal's (SHOUT OUT!)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Nearly Normal's (SHOUT OUT!)

The sun is out and I do believe that summer may have decided to show up!

When the sun is out, I'm not a big eater.  I like salads, cold foods, raw foods and a lot of vegan and vegetarian so I don't feel sweaty and weighed down.  Emmaright!?  I thought today about restaurants with just such foods this morning and *BAM!*  Nearly Normal's!!!!!

If you've never been to Nearly Normal's in Corvallis, you should definitely try it!  Vegan, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian....any specialized way you like to eat, they have the options for you.

This restaurant has been around since I was a kid - my hippie parents used to frequent this place with my wee self quite often!  And I've been back many times since, sometimes with my dear mama to enjoy the nostalgia :-)

Check out their website and go pay them a visit - I recommend sitting out back on the patio!  My favorite on the menu:  Athena's Delight.  Favorite must-try dish:  Nearly Nasty Burrito (order an extra side of marinara and prepare to take home the leftovers!)

No review here, this restaurant is well-established and well-loved by its community - just a quick shout-out to remind you of this favorite and to share it with some who may want to branch out a little.


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