Brownifer Bites: Tangent Inn

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Tangent Inn

Formerly known as 'Dixie Creek Saloon', the 'Tangent Inn' has been remodeled and is now open for business!  We've all been watching and waiting for this classic to re-open and it's finally here! Although the Grand Opening hasn't happened yet, and from what we were told the menu will be expanding, we dropped in to see the face-lift and sample the menu.  We were excited to see in which direction the new owners would take this.

The parking is still the same, the exterior is very familiar, but the interior is clean, updated and much more pleasing to the eye.  The bathrooms were clean, the floors were shiny and the staff was polite and helpful.

The menu is simple; appetizers, soups & salad, sandwiches and burgers.  We were very impressed with the polite and attentive service we received; the staff is knowledgeable and was very helpful with menu recommendations.

We started with appetizers as recommended and tried the Fried Zucchini which is Panko-battered, sprinkled with shredded parmesan.  Nothing frozen here, these were real, juicy zucchini spears and they were delicious!  It comes with ranch or honey mustard, but we asked to sample all dipping sauces and we actually determined that the bleu cheese is the dipping sauce to order with this.  The flavor doesn't overpower the zucchini as ranch and honey mustard both tend to do.

The Beer & Cheese dip was our 2nd appetizer, made with Gilgamesh Classic Ale, cream cheese and
cheddar cheese.  It is served with homemade pretzel bites.  This was good as well - a bit heavy on the salt in both the cheese sauce and the pretzel bites, though not uncommon in a bar establishment.

For dinner, Brownie ordered the Tangent Burger with tots.  This 1/2 pound brisket/chuck mix patty is made with a cheese skirt and comes loaded with hickory smoked bacon (no skimping here) and a roasted
garlic aioli. As you can see in the photo, it's a good size portion.  Eating through the crispy cheese and bacon ends is a delightful pathway to the burger - enjoy!  The burger itself was a bit dry and overcooked, though we tend to believe this may because of the timing of the cheese skirt rather than incompetence in the kitchen.  Time will tell as it's been less than two weeks since they opened their doors.  As for the tots .... tots are tots.  They tasted as you would expect tots to taste.
Cheese. Skirt.

I ordered the Roast Pork Loin Sandwich; thinly sliced pork loin, smoked gouda cheese with sage mustard
on homemade sourdough bread.  The pork was tender and flavorful, though the smoked gouda flavor didn't come through as much as the sage did for me.  I love sage and it was delicious, so no complaints there!  My sandwich came with fries, which are hand cut in the restaurant; our waitress proudly told us this when ordering.  They are well worth ordering as a side!

Ask for this mustard, it's divine!
Overall, we enjoyed our experience. The staff was so friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is a lively bar; we even got to enjoy a  couple dancing near our table when a slow song came on.  Minors are allowed in the dining room until 9pm just in case you want to bring the family to eat.

We were told that the menu will be expanding soon during or after the Grand Opening to include family-style options and a breakfast menu.  We will not be giving Tangent Inn a Brownifer star rating until after we sample all of these options.  Too bad for us, right!? :-)

Until then, we highly suggest you head out to Tangent and check out Tangent Inn!  The prices are reasonable and from what we experienced, you'll enjoy your time at this new restaurant, they're off to a great start!

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  1. Glad to see it come back to life, I hope you don't allow the Iron Order Motorcycle Enthusiasts to return, they pretty much made a mess last time around, drove the business to the ground.